Monday, April 11, 2011


This is something that has been in the back of my head for awhile now and it has really bugged me.  I'm an avid fisherman.. enjoy the sport.. love the sport.. do not discriminate against one angler or the other with which form of fishing he prefers as long as what he is doing is not wasteful or harmful to the fish.  Spin..Baitcast.. Spincast.. Fly.. Spear.. Bow.. I really don't care we're all allowed to fish how we want to legally.  Where I do have a problem is when an angler openly admits that he breaks the laws.  I will refrain from naming any individuals as that is just childish.. I'm sure if this person was to read this post they would more than likely know I am talking about them.  And what gets me more is not just the out right rule breaking of fishing waters out of season.. It's that this said person will talk and fight with other anglers as to why all streams do not allow bait.. especially crawlers.. and fight it with a passion.. and then go and break another law!  Really?  How hypocritical.. Some fishermen wonder why they can't do what they are trying to do.. while others just abide by the rules and go on with their lives.   You know.. I'd stand and fight for this person's rights.. But when you are saying one thing and then going and breaking rules.. Then you should have no voice.. or for that matter a license in the first place.



  1. Hopefully the angler in question reads this post. You might have to staple it to his forehead. Sounds like a special kind of stupid!

  2. so why do you fish with the guy?

  3. It had been the only time I had fished with him... We met via fishing board... and decided to fish together.. seemed like a cool guy... as luck may have it with the web he was kind of a creep.. what kind of guy asks another guy they just met if they watch porn or what kind... or starts rattling off names of people I don't know and calling them pedophiles and such... just a day I would've rather done the norm and fished alone