Friday, April 29, 2011

4/28... Some More Warm Water Action..

Got out for about an hour yesterday around dusk... down at the local lake.. This weather we've been having has made for some slow and very light biters.. Normally not even getting any indication that there may be a fish on the end of the line until you tug on the fly line.. and feel the slightest of resistance.. It's as if the pan fish are just like "ok.. the food is pulling me this way so i'll swim with it" and you won't even notice.. None the less.. I've been out a couple times since my last post.. With nothing to really  consider mentioning.. Mostly slow days with a couple 4-7" gills to hand... and then yesterday I had a first.. My first White Bass on the fly!.. Put up a nice little fight and was quite unexpected... Also had a nice sized Largemouth on that I lost half way through the fight trying to reel in extra line.. All in all.. It was a more productive day then the past couple outings.. And with weather getting up into the 60s today and storms to come Saturday.. Today should be a more productive day...

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