Thursday, May 10, 2012

Foam Panfish Bug

So I was cruising through the craft section of the hell that we all know as Walmart.. And I came across these X-acto Edgers... 4 for $5.. Figured they would make some nice outlines for foam panfish bodies.. and Was I ever right.. No more neurotic clipping here and there to try and get a symmetrical design..

Here is a pictorial Step-By-Step as I find it hard to put my actions into words sometimes.. And well this is a pretty self explanatory pattern...

Hook:  Eagle Claw #8 Aberdeen Hook
Thread: 210 Denier, Any color.. I use black
Legs: Round Medium Rubber Legs
Foam: 2mm Craft Foam(Lifetime supply for $5 at Wally World)
Body: Chenille, Small 
Misc: X-Acto Scrapbook Edgers

With darker bodied bugs I like to add a hi-vis post to see them easier on the water.


  1. Wow, those look great! Excellent tip about the X-acto edger, too.

  2. When I can figure out some patterns for the other styles that came in the pack.. I'll be sure to post'em