Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So yesterday I decided I would head out on some backwaters before any sort of rain for the day came to be.. It was very windy.. winds were probably in the 10-20mph range.. But that did not deter me.. Now that I have my Redington Predator 9wt.. This day I came to find out that this rod definitely can handle the high winds...

I got water side around 9:30am.. Wasn't planning on fishing long as my elbow has been giving me some problems.. Probably because I've been fishing daily since last Tuesday.. My apartment definitely shows that there are other priorities at the moment!... I tie on a yellow, orange and black clouser and within a couple casts I have my first pike of the day.. Nothing spectacular.. Maybe 14".. But that was enough to let me know they were on the prowl.. It started out slow after that.. Short strikes and missed hits...

As the morning went on it became a more productive day.. The pike were definitely warming up to the clouser I had tied.. As I had landed about 3 more pike in the 18-20" range and one monster bluegill that measured roughly the size of a silver dollar!..

I bomb a cast out there.. And BAM! My rod almost doubles over and I'm in for a fight.. Or so I thought.. Next thing I know he zips towards me and into a snag that I could not see.. And I was left to just pull on the rod until either my line snapped or his teeth cut the line.. POP! Disappointing.. But not discouraging.. I kept casting and landed a few more pike before the rain rolled in.. Good morning if you ask me.. And well it's looking like a good morning right now.. So I suppose I should hit some water yet again.. So until next time!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Full Circle

It's funny how things can come full circle... About 10 years ago or so I woke up one morning.. Looked out my window and saw the backdoor of my car open.. I ran downstairs and it was all gone.. My rods.. My tackle.. And my disc golf bag that had roughly a dozen discs in it.. a couple hundred dollars worth of shit... Gone... I still had a rod left.. An old Shakespeare Ultralight combo that I had snagged when I was still a teenager while fishing the backwaters of the miss... This rod brought me to a whole new level of fishing.. Ultralight fishing... Bass.. pike.. anything.. on a maximum of 6# mono or 10# braid... You got to really feel the full fight of the fish.. unlike with the med-med. heavy bass rods I had flung previous to what I was left with now..

I look back on the day some pathetic piece of shit decided to steal my gear and think.. Had my stuff not been stolen.. I probably would have never actually used the kmart $20 special... And I would have not been forced to enjoy fishing for big fish on small gear... And my love of the UL would have not trancended into what is now fly fishing.. I would have never imagined catching trout/bluegills on a rod with slightly less bend than a limp noodle... Or catching pike and large bass on a 5wt... Now that I think about it.. I hope the kids got good use out of the gear.. Because in the end.. I'm happy with where circumstances left me.. Full Circle...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kickin' Bass...

Man the Largemouth action has been absolutely crazy.. Today they were in full force.. Chasing around schools of minnows in the shallows.. Meat Whistle has still been my go-to fly at the moment... Anything white or silver should land you plenty of bass in the shallows right now!

A Trip To Wisconsin..

So it's Sarah's spring break and she wanted to go on a yarn excursion.. I decided to tag along as she was going to Viroqua.. Which gave me the chance to finally check out The Driftless Angler.. The shop is nice.. From how I've heard it talked up.. I was expecting to see more inventory.. They definitely carry all the essentials any well off vacationer would need to get on a stream and catch some trout though.. And a nice fly selection... I was also able to buy The Heart Of The Driftless DVD...  I would recommend that any fan of the driftless area and trout fishing check out this dvd... Full of amazing footage and useful information... In the end.. I was still able to drop $50+ for what seemed a "small shop" when I walked in...

Before we left Viroqua we decided to stop at the local co-op and see what they had for lunch.. This was a very nice co-op.. Lots of selection.. Even had a buffet bar that you paid by the pound.. We went with an amazing deli sandwich.. Took about 10min to make... Longest sandwich ever made.. But it was made with love.. Because it was delicious!   Leaving Viroqua I thought to myself.. I could live here

Once we were done in Viroqua we headed to the Kickapoo Reserve to do some hiking... The weather outlook on the day was rainy.. But so far the day had stayed dry and sunny.. We brought our rain jackets just in case.. But shortly after we started our hike we decided they were of no use.. The Kickapoo Reserve is a beautiful area of Wisconsin.. Rolling bluffs... Outcrops galore from down cutting of the streams through the limestone, sandstone, and shale.. Beautiful timber... And plenty of nature was out and about.. Lots of Bluejays.. And even saw a ringneck along side the road eating.. Stumbled along a frog.. Deer running through the forest.. We weren't the only ones out enjoying the day...

Part of me had wished I had brought my gear.. But with the rain the area had gotten.. I figured that the streams would be up and mudded.. Unfortunately that was not the case for the smaller streams in the area.. The Kickapoo was muddy though...  The guy at the reserve lodge was more than happy to point me in directions on where to fish.. But alas.. No rod..

After the Kickapoo Reserve we headed north towards Tomah so Sarah could check out another yarn shop... Dug in the back roads on the outskirts of Tomah.. It was a nice little place.. But was really surprised to see such a small localized shop not carry local yarn... Shortly there after we headed home.. What a wonderful day it was.. Was supposed to rain.. Stayed sunny all day long.. Nice and warm... Like a perfect spring day.. And it's still technically winter!  All I can say is keep bringing on this great weather for more days like today!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fire Bunny

Took a new pattern to the water today.. My Fire Bunny.. Bunny strips lain out in fire tiger fashion...  Caught me my first pike of the year.. Was fun on the 5wt.. Though my wrist and elbow are really feeling the effects of wrestling all this fluff with a it...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mmmm Meaty..

John Barr and his absolutely amazing Meat Whistle.. Well now I know why it's called that.. Because the Largemouth Bass were loving it today!  Was a little rough trying to cast it with my 5wt.. But by the end of this week I should have my 9wt.. And chucking them socks will seem much much easier..

Overall was a great day.. Sunny.. Slight breeze but definitely not enough to effect my casting too much... Got water side around noon and from there it was Bass central.. All were in great health and a couple went beyond 16".. And to top it all off.. My first 'Eye on the fly!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Carp: Beyond Thunderdome Style

These guys do it right... If ya can't beat'em.. Create a new "recreation"... Summer X-Games event maybe?