Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So yesterday I decided I would head out on some backwaters before any sort of rain for the day came to be.. It was very windy.. winds were probably in the 10-20mph range.. But that did not deter me.. Now that I have my Redington Predator 9wt.. This day I came to find out that this rod definitely can handle the high winds...

I got water side around 9:30am.. Wasn't planning on fishing long as my elbow has been giving me some problems.. Probably because I've been fishing daily since last Tuesday.. My apartment definitely shows that there are other priorities at the moment!... I tie on a yellow, orange and black clouser and within a couple casts I have my first pike of the day.. Nothing spectacular.. Maybe 14".. But that was enough to let me know they were on the prowl.. It started out slow after that.. Short strikes and missed hits...

As the morning went on it became a more productive day.. The pike were definitely warming up to the clouser I had tied.. As I had landed about 3 more pike in the 18-20" range and one monster bluegill that measured roughly the size of a silver dollar!..

I bomb a cast out there.. And BAM! My rod almost doubles over and I'm in for a fight.. Or so I thought.. Next thing I know he zips towards me and into a snag that I could not see.. And I was left to just pull on the rod until either my line snapped or his teeth cut the line.. POP! Disappointing.. But not discouraging.. I kept casting and landed a few more pike before the rain rolled in.. Good morning if you ask me.. And well it's looking like a good morning right now.. So I suppose I should hit some water yet again.. So until next time!

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