Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Trip To Wisconsin..

So it's Sarah's spring break and she wanted to go on a yarn excursion.. I decided to tag along as she was going to Viroqua.. Which gave me the chance to finally check out The Driftless Angler.. The shop is nice.. From how I've heard it talked up.. I was expecting to see more inventory.. They definitely carry all the essentials any well off vacationer would need to get on a stream and catch some trout though.. And a nice fly selection... I was also able to buy The Heart Of The Driftless DVD...  I would recommend that any fan of the driftless area and trout fishing check out this dvd... Full of amazing footage and useful information... In the end.. I was still able to drop $50+ for what seemed a "small shop" when I walked in...

Before we left Viroqua we decided to stop at the local co-op and see what they had for lunch.. This was a very nice co-op.. Lots of selection.. Even had a buffet bar that you paid by the pound.. We went with an amazing deli sandwich.. Took about 10min to make... Longest sandwich ever made.. But it was made with love.. Because it was delicious!   Leaving Viroqua I thought to myself.. I could live here

Once we were done in Viroqua we headed to the Kickapoo Reserve to do some hiking... The weather outlook on the day was rainy.. But so far the day had stayed dry and sunny.. We brought our rain jackets just in case.. But shortly after we started our hike we decided they were of no use.. The Kickapoo Reserve is a beautiful area of Wisconsin.. Rolling bluffs... Outcrops galore from down cutting of the streams through the limestone, sandstone, and shale.. Beautiful timber... And plenty of nature was out and about.. Lots of Bluejays.. And even saw a ringneck along side the road eating.. Stumbled along a frog.. Deer running through the forest.. We weren't the only ones out enjoying the day...

Part of me had wished I had brought my gear.. But with the rain the area had gotten.. I figured that the streams would be up and mudded.. Unfortunately that was not the case for the smaller streams in the area.. The Kickapoo was muddy though...  The guy at the reserve lodge was more than happy to point me in directions on where to fish.. But alas.. No rod..

After the Kickapoo Reserve we headed north towards Tomah so Sarah could check out another yarn shop... Dug in the back roads on the outskirts of Tomah.. It was a nice little place.. But was really surprised to see such a small localized shop not carry local yarn... Shortly there after we headed home.. What a wonderful day it was.. Was supposed to rain.. Stayed sunny all day long.. Nice and warm... Like a perfect spring day.. And it's still technically winter!  All I can say is keep bringing on this great weather for more days like today!

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