Sunday, March 18, 2012

Full Circle

It's funny how things can come full circle... About 10 years ago or so I woke up one morning.. Looked out my window and saw the backdoor of my car open.. I ran downstairs and it was all gone.. My rods.. My tackle.. And my disc golf bag that had roughly a dozen discs in it.. a couple hundred dollars worth of shit... Gone... I still had a rod left.. An old Shakespeare Ultralight combo that I had snagged when I was still a teenager while fishing the backwaters of the miss... This rod brought me to a whole new level of fishing.. Ultralight fishing... Bass.. pike.. anything.. on a maximum of 6# mono or 10# braid... You got to really feel the full fight of the fish.. unlike with the med-med. heavy bass rods I had flung previous to what I was left with now..

I look back on the day some pathetic piece of shit decided to steal my gear and think.. Had my stuff not been stolen.. I probably would have never actually used the kmart $20 special... And I would have not been forced to enjoy fishing for big fish on small gear... And my love of the UL would have not trancended into what is now fly fishing.. I would have never imagined catching trout/bluegills on a rod with slightly less bend than a limp noodle... Or catching pike and large bass on a 5wt... Now that I think about it.. I hope the kids got good use out of the gear.. Because in the end.. I'm happy with where circumstances left me.. Full Circle...

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