Friday, May 11, 2012

May 10th

Got out a little bit before work yesterday.  Was a nice day to be out.. Temp was in the mid 60s with slight gusts here and there.  Panfish were still as active as ever.. Was able to take a couple on foam bugs when the wind wasn't blowing.  But a majority of them were taken on a bugger.  When the wind calmed down the panfish would move back in shallower... Once the wind picked up.. Slowing down the retrieve seemed to keep them on my line.  I caught numerous gills and pumpkinseeds in the 2 hours I spent fishing yesterday... Plently in the 8-9" range..  With the river high and muddy the lake has been my only option for a quick gratification.  Hopefully in a week or so I'll be able to head back to the river for some more serious fishing.


  1. I have a question about your blog :) Please email me!

  2. I haven't been fishing at Lake Winona is years, but it looks like the gills haven't changed much. It is amazing how just a few hours of fishing can make for a great day!

  3. fantastic pics, love your blog but long time to see your new post!