Friday, April 27, 2012

SBS: Mini-Bugger

This has been a pretty effective pattern for me over the years.. Dead drifted as the lead fly.. You cannot go wrong.

Hook:  #12 Nymph
Head: Bead Head in matching size
Weight: .015 Lead 6-8 wraps
Tail:  Marabou, 3-4 stands Krystal Flash
Body: Black Ice Dub
Hackle: Whiting Hen Hackle, Grizzly

Step 1:  Add bead and Give 6-8 wraps of lead or until shank is 1/2 wrapped in lead.

Step 2:  Lay down a layer of thread to secure in the lead and lay down a coat of super glue/head cement
Step 3:  Tie in marabou and krystal flash

Step 4:  Make dubbing loop and tie thread forward and tie in soft hackle

Step 5:  Sparsely fill dubbing loop with black ice dub and twist tightly

  Step 6:  Wrap dubbing brush forward and tie in behind head

Step 7:  Wrap hackle forward and  stroking back feathers and wrapping thread to secure hackle.  Whip finish and secure with super glue.


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