Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Maiden Voyage!

About 2 weeks ago I put in an order for a Creek Company Super Sport XR1.. I decided upon this one because it was reasonably priced.. not too cheap.. not too expensive.. the reviews on it were more than welcoming as well.. So yesterday I drove to Cabela's in Prairie Du Chien to finally pick it up.. When I woke up this morning I immediately looked at the weather to see if I could get my new toy into the water for its maiden voyage.. and to my luck.. it had stopped raining and radars showed nothing in the area... Overall I'm very comfortable in it.. One of my key points when purchasing a pontoon was to make sure I would be comfortable and feel safe in it.. As I cannot swim.. can tread water but that's it.. The learning curve for rowing is definitely steeper than i had imagined.. and wasted more energy than distance traveled.. but that will change as I get use to it.. Overall.. I think it was a great investment and it will definitely get a workout!

On a side note.. Winona Park Rec offers FREE kayak and canoe rentals 7 days a week.. at the Lake Lodge.. Mon-Fri 3-6pm and Sat-Sun 1-7pm April 15-May 25th.. and then they also have summer hours as well..

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  1. Good looking unit there! I am sure you will enjoy it immensely once all the rowing tricks are worked out. Personally, I hate to row so went with float tubes for years.