Monday, April 19, 2010

Trout Opener!... Not what was to be expected...

     April 17th.. 2010.. Minnesota official Trout Opener.. got a campsite at Beaver Creek Valley State Park for Saturday and Sunday.. or so that was planned.. since about mid week I was kinda sick.. something going on in the intestinal region.. really not sure.. but it was minimal so i was not worried at all.. well fortunately it made full swing on saturday *grr*.. took my time getting to the water because i knew how chaotic the day was gonna be with trout fisherman every 100 ft from each other at some stretches.. as we're driving to Beaver Creek the bridge south of Sheldon is loaded with cars.. not surprised in the least.. so we get to camp around 10am.. set up camp and lounge.. walked around and showed my girlfriend around the park a little bit... talked to other fishermen to see how the action was.. nothing really saying much of anything going on.. it was a bright sunny day.. and the water is running crystal clear.. no surprise pickin's are slim...
     Around 4pm I finally decided to get out and hit the water... maybe most of the people that are getting out to catch and eat are done.. streams were packed between Sheldon and Houston.. so i decided to head west and go as far as the Lanesboro area.. i get to one of my newly favorited spots... my gut starts going crazy.. "Does a bear shit in the woods?"... after dealing with all that i finally get to the water.. setting up my rod.. FFFFFUUUU!!!... i forgot my indicators at home.. really?  checked everything like 20 times.. and i forget one of the most important things to my rig.. good job dumbass!... day was already going bad with the sickness.. didn't get any better with forgetting the indicators.. so i switch to a #6 brown Wooly Bugger... hook into one trout.. the only trout..stomach starts F'in me in the A again.. so i get off stream.. and head back to camp.. stomach not doing any better.. i decided its time for bed.. not the greatest time for camping may i add.. got down into the low 30s... needless to say i was in many layers of clothing and still kinda chilly... really hoping i wasnt gonna have to use the head in this cold night...
     Wake up the next morning.. the lady doesn't wanna have to deal with the cold.. i'm still sick.. so we pack up camp and decide to head back home.. At least i was able to catch a fish opening day.. what a disappointing opener that would have been... get sick and get skunked... btw.. here is the recipe to the trout i made sunday.. it was to die for..

14" Brown Trout.. gutted and skinned
1 Tbls butter(cut into 4 slices)
4 Lemon Slices
1 tsp Black Pepper
1 c. Cornbread Stuffing(use less water when prepared as the trout, lemon, and butter will add moisture)

Preheat oven to 450... stuff trout with the cornbread stuffing..  take a piece of aluminum foil that will be big enough to wrap the trout.. lay 2 pieces of butter in the middle of the tin foil.. top with lemons.. sprinkle half of the black pepper onto the area.. lay trout down.. repeat the process on top of the trout.. pepper, lemon, butter.. wrap tightly.. roll up edges so the fluid stays in the aluminum.. put on a sheet pan and cook for 17min.

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  1. It's true, that trout was completely delicious! But so were the ribeyes! Twas good eating all around this weekend... some at the campsite, some at home. So would have been down to stay but somebody wasn't feeling well enough to fish anyway :-P