Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fruits of Labor

If there is one thing I love about fishing.. it's the part at the end of the day where i can enjoy my catch.. the "fruits of my labor"...  Today was a perfect day for getting some fish to fry.. nice and sunny.. temps in the high 60s low 70s... slight breeze but nothing to be worried about.. After work I decided I'd take the fly rod down to the lake and catch my limit of sunfish to fry up for tonight... Bluegills are stacked up in the weed beds for spawning.. and there were many people out enjoying the day to give me the weird looks.. as if they have never seen a person with a fly rod before.. Catching my limit was a simple task.. done easily in under an hour.. but always a fun task on the fly.. even if so simple.. kinda gives you that child like bliss -.-


  1. Eric you should have invited me over for dinner! Looking good! Some parts of southwest fresh wild bluegill is on the menu. Ever see this in the Winona area too?

  2. When i worked in Wabasha we served it at Slippery's as a special for awhile.. but that's the only place i saw it.. we did however have fresh caught catfish

  3. Wouldn't that be Filets of Labor?