Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Started the day late... Didn't get on the water til after 11am this morning.
Air temp: ~46F
Water temp: ~49F
Clarity: Clear

Not much was going on on the Pine today.. rocks examined showed very little for nymph action. Saw a few trout rising but could not tell what they were feeding on as there was no obvious hatch going on nor was there a sign of one. The day itself was not very productive either. 2 browns.. 1 fat 12"+ brown hiding under the cut that took on a #16 copper brassie. Both were taken on brassies. Sucks when you lose what they are hitting and cannot find any thing else suitable.


  1. Fun stream isn't it? Used to be my favorite when I lived down there. Try a bh pheasant or bh prince, size 14 or 16. ;) The sporatic risers were most likely rising to midges.

  2. It's definitely one of my top 3 "go to" streams.. they were crazy picky that day... probably threw about 8 different flies at them.. including PTs and princes.. thanks for the knowledge :)