Monday, April 12, 2010

Root River 4-12

Went to work this morning.. got done around 2.. from there i scouted the weather for awhile.. wondering if any of that storm was gonna hit where i potentially wanted to go this evening.. as 4pm rolled around i check again and was clear for take off.. decided i would take to one of my favorite islands on the root river.. got there late about 5pm... first look at the area seemed to be as normal as the year before.. minus a couple feet of shore that had eroded away during the thaw... as i got closer to the river i noticed a few redhorse in the shallows.. i knew there was a reason i brought the crawlers.

So i make my ford and get to the island.. water looked to be about right.. if not slightly low... i decided i'd start out slow and hunt for a stick to hold my rod up as i dunked some worms.. threw my line in and tended to getting my fly rod set up.. soon after i hooked into my first fish of the evening... my spinning reel screamed... that's a redhorse.. put up a hell of a fight.. not a small guy either.. soon after getting bored with the worm dunking.. i got the fly rod out... in hopes of landing my first redhorse on the fly.. but that was not happening today... i hooked into only one more fish on the afternoon... but it's always nice to get out and fish when the opportunity is there.. i cannot wait for the weekend to get here.. trout opener is gonna be a blast!

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  1. Excellent post! I have been wondering how the Root's legendary redhorse runs are progressing. It is very refreshing to see you enjoy fishing for redhorse as well as trout. Check out my website if you want to discuss multi-species angling in the area. We have a big gathering coming up on the Root, the 9th annual Root River Roundup at Eagle Cliff's.

    And keep up the great posts!