Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thursdays Outing... Visiting Dr. Feelgood

He's the one that makes you feel good.. And this is the stream that is almost always on and will have me landing at least a couple trout throughout the day(don't want to jinx myself &&&).. I met up with my buddy Ted and we did pretty well.. I took around a dozen trout with a lot of misses near the end.. While Ted landed his fair share as well.. Also having the occasional problem of not setting the hook in time.. Winter can be irritating like that.. You have a very small window to tell whether or not a trout hit your nymph and if you don't act fast.. You won't land'em..

I had left Ted behind as I had to head back home and get to work... When I got back to my car I had realized I had left my net streamside.. Obviously too happy to land 1 final trout after missing probably 8 trout before it.. My description of the end of the day did not want to be "Well I had a lot of hits at the end but no trout".. And then BAM!  Got him after him and his buddies had struck 6 times the previous.. Anyways.. Thank god Ted saw it!  I definitely wouldn't have minded having to head back out there the next day.. But good thing he found it.. I had no motivation to fish today!

I talked to Ted later that day and he said he had had a trout take him to reel and snap his line.. Saturday is hopefully redemption!  As we will be streamside in T-Minus 8 hrs.. Which means I should probably stop typing and try to get to bed...

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