Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still Alive....

Been a long time since I posted any thing here but I am still alive.. and still fishing! Unfortunately my cameras have both been trashed.. need to invest in a waterproof camera as booth have been fried from unintentional swims... So I have been left with my cell phone.. and excuse me if I'm a little weary of using my phone over open water.. as 2 years ago I had dropped a month old phone in the ~40* water of the root river leaving me stranded with flipping and t9.. never again! Anyways..

Well for starters it's Winter C&R Season.. Which starts on Jan. 1st here in Minnesota... after 3 months of no trout fishing season from oct-dec.. So far the season has been nothing sort of pleasing to any trout fisherman in Minnesota.. barely have we seen single digits so far this year.. let a lone days that didn't at least reach 32*... Much better than years past of 5-15* days being the "prime" winter days to trout fish and above freezing temps are nothing short of luxurious on any given average Jan/Feb day.. But this year has been nothing even close to resembling an average winter.. Hell you couldn't have even seen more than a patch of snow here and there up until 2 weeks ago!

Either way.. With the weather the way it has been.. It's still Winter.. and the water is still gin clear.. and the water is still cold... they are either on.. or they are not.. Have had a couple skunked days.. But after 3 months of not fishing.. I'll take the "casting practice".. and the scenery is always nice.. only those who understand truly get that a day of no fish can still be a great day on the water... Anyways.. Enough rambling from me..


  1. Getting away from it all, sometimes, is a great way to go. Blog wise, it refreshes you, and builds up your mental library on ideas for posts. By the way, those are some nice looking Browns for this time of the year. That is the kind of "getting away" that works best.

  2. Exactly.. Sometimes there just ain't enough to write about.. ya know? or there are more important things going on...

    I'm glad you're still coming around and appreciate you're comments.. take care and tight lines!