Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Camera: Panasonic Lumix TS10

Well I finally got a new camera.. Or well I've had it for a couple weeks now.. And figured now is a better time than ever to give it a review...

I have seen these cameras around for about the last year or so and have been keeping an eye on them.. I know a few other bloggers that use this camera and was pretty impressed with the image quality overall.. I was pretty much a Fuji Film kinda guy.. Owning nothing but Fuji cameras ever since I got my hands on my first digital camera ages ago.. I liked them.. So no need to change.. That is until I started looking into a good rugged waterproof camera and not reading the best reviews for what Fuji had to offer.. So I began to wander and look at other options.. I took the Olympus and Canon waterproof cameras into concideration and after reading more OK reviews I decided I would stick with what I was going after.. A Panasonic Lumix..

Now there are 3(I believe) models of the Lumix line.. the TS10.. TS2.. TS3.. New for 2012 I think is a TS4/5.. But anywho.. The TS10 was the more "Stripped" down version.. I don't need Geo-Tagging.. I can remember where I took pictures and well If I want others to know.. I will share that info... The TS10 shoots 14mp HD Stills and 720p HD Video.. It lacks a wide angle lens for your landscape-y pictures I may take out in the wild... But I have not been disappointed with long wide range shots yet.. The image stabilization is a great addition(I know.. Its been around for awhile now.. believe it or not.. This is my first camera with it.. No more Top 3 mode to pick out the clearest of 3 pictures)... Macro seems to work well enough.. My last camera was Fuji's P/S "DSLR wanna be" camera.. Had much better macros than this camera.. Could take pictures mm away from the object... The Lumix you must be about 4-5cm away for any clarity... But they are still good clear pictures.. Underwater pictures are clear and crisp.. Haven't used the video recorder yet.. Unlike the TS2/3.. The TS10 only has 720p.. I'm perfectly OK with that...

Overall this is a great camera.. And at the price I got it.. (A jaw dropping $114 through the Amazon Warehouse Deals).. I don't think I could have found a better deal.. It's small.. Rugged.. Waterproof.. And takes crisp clear pictures... Everything the fisherman with an itch for photography needs!

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