Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The past couple days...

Over the past couple days I have been able to get out here and there.. fish are biting.. gills have moved in and are starting to spawn.... but are not nearly at the level of aggression I prefer.. meaning they are not hitting the poppers that hard yet.. but anything else I throw at them they haven't thought twice about... Carp have been cruising the shallows.. but still have yet to have my go with one yet.. and the bass are there.. but they have definitely been small... and I've finally broke my 8wt's cherry... very happy with it.. was able to withstand yesterdays very gusty day with gusts ranging from 15-25mph it held up like a champ... have been catching a majority of my bass on it... but like I said.. smaaaall... but beggars cannot be choosers.... and in the end.. I really just like catching fish no matter the size

Also as a side note.. I think fly fishing is becoming quite popular on the local lake... this year I have seen a fair share of people with the long rods... back when I started 4-5 years ago.. I NEVER saw a fly fisherman on the pond and today I had seen 3 or 4!... The masses are figuring out the secret!


  1. That some nice looking fish. Good work with the long rod!

  2. Yeah the gills and seeds really get quite brilliant colors once they hit spawn.. absolutely beautiful in my opinion

  3. I have seen the same trend of people starting to fly fish for panfish at the local pond where I live. It is an extremely effective and fun technique.

    Many anglers go from laughing, saying that fly fishing won't give you anything, to dropping their yaws when realizing how efficient it is for catching those bluegills.