Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Highway 43.. Aka The Highway to Heaven

Hwy 43 is probably my most traveled highway by far.. All things good and beautiful can be found down this highway.. And rarely is there any disappointment along this road...

Got out for a couple hours earlier today to wet a line on one of my favorite streams... It was windy to say the least.. But that didn't stop me from lining up the 2wt today.. Temp was in the low 70s...

The wind was a slight issue and definitely played a part in some of the frustration I had today.. When the wind is blowing.. Grasses are neck high and you're flinging around a 7'6" 2wt... Things are bound to piss you off now and then... Lot of tangles in the tall grass from gusts and sloppy casting today.. But was able to hook into 3 trout.. 2 of which I took to hand.. A 5" Brown.. And a ~12" Bow... With one Brown that was in the 12" range that bit me off while I was trying to get my net unhooked.. I cannot tell you how much I wish my new Rose Creek net release was here.. So I can finally stop dinking around with the crappy release that came with my net..


  1. nice bow, i like how you lipped the brown. watch out you might get trout thumb

  2. Oh don't worry.. only thumbed him cuz he was so tiny... I made the mistake a long time ago trying to thumb a bigger trout... did not work so well