Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Day In The Water..

Had the day off yesterday so I decided I would dedicate it to the fine art of fishing... Woke up.. Got my head ready.. Gear packed... And headed south.. Decided I would check out a couple spots.. Unfortunately it is that time of the year where Wild Parsnip dominates the road sides and accesses to numerous holes until roughly August when it dies off... So right then and there had my options been cut down..

Unfortunately I ran into a second problem.. Cars at all the accesses I wanted to fish at.. I know that wouldn't stop some people from fishing.. But me personally.. I prefer peace and quite and no one in sight.. So I continued on.. So I ended up back at the creek I had fished the last couple times out.. It's a great "go to" stretch for me when I just want to get out and catch a couple trout without having to hike all day long to find them.. Was rather slow.. Managed about 3 browns with one rainbow mixed in.. All of which were Catch & Release..

Later on in the evening I was feeling hungry for some fish.. So I headed down to the local lake to slay some bluegill.. Sarah awhile back said that she wanted to learn how to clean/fillet fish.. And more than willingly agreed.. You'd have to be slow to not want someone else to clean your fish.. Or maybe to agree to cleaning fish you didn't catch.. Just kidding ;) ... So I took a dozen nice gills in the 7-8" range and brought them home.. Sarah was definitely a little hesitant at first.. Fish that are still alive.. *WACK!*.. excuse me.. were alive.. That made her uneasy.. But after walking her through how to cut and fillet them.. She was off to the races and filleted the 9 gills that I left her.. For a first timer she did a pretty good job.. Ended up with a nice pile of meat.. She tells me when she was all done "That wasn't too bad.. Now don't expect me to clean fish every day.. But once a week is not bad".. I don't think she knows what she signed up for.. But I'm not complaining!


  1. She will probably burn out pretty quickly if she does them once a week. Better have a good backup plan! Sounds like good Bluegill fishing.

  2. Sounds like a great day of fishing and Sarah seems to be getting the hang of it. Its hard when people are out in certain fishing spots of mine already in the morning... or I'm already fishing and they bring their kids and dog and music when all I want is to relax and fish!