Monday, May 10, 2010

Slow day...

Got out to a couple spots today.. it was windy.. probably a constant 15-20mph wind with gusts in the 40s... overcast.. looked like it was gonna rain all day but it never did until the end of the day there was about 5seconds worth of sprinkles..  first started out at the Sheldon area but winds were nasty and fish just weren't biting... a few rises here and there.. and i could see them sitting at the bottom of the deep pools.. next i went to Choice.. still the winds would not let up. but at least the trout were rising though i couldn't get them to really take on anything up top.. with the winds blowing against the current it made it too choppy and tough to see my dries...  took a couple, that are now in my fridge, on a combination of HW Prince nymphs and orange scuds... and caught about a dozen or so creek chubs... finally i decided i would stop at Rush Creek.. not much going on.. nothing at all really.. saw a couple small risers.. and tied into one on one of my last casts.. but he was never brought in.. seemed to be a nice sized trout too =( ... well at least i got out for a couple hours.. but this mess of weather we have been having of late sure needs to straighten out.. if its not raining.. its windy as all hell.. its getting annoying and frustrating

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