Thursday, May 27, 2010

Round 2.. More local pannie action...

So knowning what I am going into this weekend.. 2 smallies were definitely not enough to hold me over... I needed another fix... So I headed down to the local pond once again for some pannie action.. I figured most of the spawning would have been done by now.. But there were even more beds in one of my spots than were there the last 2 weeks... I decided I would use a new top water that I picked up at Bob's Bait n' Tackle in LaCrosse.. and it worked wonders.. Some people have maybe argued that I am using too big of a popper for panfish... They couldn't be any more wrong.. These Accardo top water lures drive the bluegills into a frenzy.. Even a 4" sunnie will make a quake and hit these things hard... I could have easily taken home a limit tonight.. But I didn't want to be filleting til almost 11pm...


  1. Big fly for a pan. I'm using #16 orange scud...
    Nice fish. Do you keep and eat out of Old Miss?

  2. I've never used anything less than a #10 for pannies... I haven't kept anything out of the sippi yet this year.. though i would keep pannies.. no worries about them imho.. technically Lake Winona is part of the Mississippi as it is an oxbow of the river

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