Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another day on the backwaters...

Decided to go and hit another backwater spot today with some crawlers and take the fly rod along for shits and giggles... Was an absolutely wonderful day to be out and fishing... Days like these make me wish I had a boat.. Not for better fishing opportunities.. I like 2 blocks for the 'Sippi.. I'd say that's almost as good as it gets for some.. But mostly to just be out on the water and enjoying the day instead of tucked in between trees smelling like OFF!... But none the less it was another semi-productive day.. Plenty of fish cruising the backwaters.. tiny panfish that would rip off parts of my crawler.. could see some small largemouth bass cruising around as well.. and then there were a couple nice sized smallmouth cruising right along the rocks.. I could see them clearly as they ran off bluegills and other small bass... Fishing was slow... but was able to get both of the smallies I saw cruising the rocks on crawlers that were about a 12" below my bobber.. Pound for pound.. This fish puts up a hell of a fight.. I tried to see if I could get one on my fly but no such luck.. they'd look at it and then continue on their way...


  1. Looks hot and muggy out. No big pannies today? Bummer. Nice bass though!

  2. No.. not muggy at all... Definitely a hot one.. that's for sure!