Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review Time! Wonderfurl Furled Leaders

So ok.. This may be a little biased.. Wonderfurl are the ONLY furled leaders I have ever tried using.. But.. When something works so well.. Is it really necessary to try another brand??  A couple months back I started asking people what their thoughts were on Furled Leaders and got two answers.. Either it was "I've never tried them" or it was "I don't like them"... Both of which answers came with little to no explanation.. So I was stuck with having to truly just go ahead and buy a couple and see what I personally thought about them.

I am quite glad I decided to check ebay and come across an auction for a "Wonderfurl" Furled Leader.. I liked the concept of only really having to replace 1-3ft of tippet instead of replacing a whole leader here and there... I also heard that furled leaders help turn flies over easier..  Overall I am really impressed with these leaders.. they are very limp and do not kink at all.. have NO MEMORY.. which other leaders when I was done for the day.. Instead of taking the leader off. I just wound it up into the reel... which would leave me with a coiled leader the next time I was out(even with higher quality Umpqua and Rio leaders).. The furled leaders would come out limp and straight.. I have never had a single wind knot in the leader.. They definitely do help turn over a fly much easier than your standard tapered leader.. As if I was suddenly gifted with Jedi Mind Tricks I could place a fly anywhere I wanted to.. and these guys last.. I am still using the very first Wonderfurl leader I bought.. And it's not looking like it needs to be replaced any time soon.

They make a couple different types of leaders in a multitude of colors for all your fishing needs.. The Mono floats very high when dry flying.. and lays down on the water in a very delicate manner and sinks at about the same speed as your normal run of the mill mono tapered leader.... The Flouro sinks like a rock.. great for getting down and down quick... They both come with 2 options of connections.. 1st is with an extender section.. which is just one strand of equally matched line with a loop at the end to tie your tippet to.. the 2nd is a tiny metal ring for which to attach tippet.. The 2nd type I have yet to use but do have one on the way to test out.. I imagine the ring would add a flash that trout may not care for.. But I could see this being fine for warm water species...

Overall I will be continuing to buy Wonderfurl leaders as I find them to be the cream of the crop when it comes to a very top notch leader.. Like I said.. It may be biased.. But until I feel I need to try something else.. Or they go out of business.. Why fix what's not broke? or Why change that that does not need changing?  For as low as $5 w/ Free Shipping.. Or Buy It Now for $10-14 w/ Free Shipping.. It cannot be beat.. I have bought them on a bid for as low as $5.. and I have also bought a few for $10-14.. Definitely worth every penny.. If you're looking for a leader that'll not disappoint.. Check them out HERE

***As a note I own several of these leaders in all sizes from as small as 4.75#(pannies and small streams) all the way up to a 30#(carp/northern/big bass) and they all equally perform excellent.. Also in case you were wondering I have used these successfully with Thingamabobber strike indicators.. When the indicator is removed after a cast or two any resemblance of a kink from the indicator is gone


  1. I don't like them!
    They might be OK if you fish in a swimming pool and there are no snags like trees etc.As soon as you try and pull on the leader to free it strange things happen. The leader twists and turns and ends up completely full of memmory and is useless.If you have plenty of money to throw around and you are such a gun flyfisher and do not snag any time well go ahead.

  2. Yes they do twist up during a snag.. but easily unwind in my honest opinion.. I've definitely snagged plenty of times.. and here in the driftless our stream are anything but "swimming pool" type scenarios... the key is to try and snap your tippet as fast as possible to have the least twist... I have a couple wonderfurl leaders that have been in plenty of trees and still perform perfectly to this day.. I cannot say the same about other brands of furled leaders i've tried.. I just threw another companies furled leader away the other day because it started coming apart.. So far I've never had this issue with Wonderfurl and will continue to use them

  3. I don't cast into the snags, but love Wonderfurl leaders. I didn't like the other brands I have tried, but here in Colorado they work wonderfully on trout and pike. My first leader I bought is about four years old now and still going strong. I would use them even if they only lasted a month. I use the mono style for dries and the fluorocarbon for nymphs and wet flies. Trying is believing!