Friday, March 11, 2011

3/11...One More Outting Before Things Get Muddy

a personal first.. two trout.. one line
Got out again today... Decided to go to the South Fork of the Root River.. got to the stream around 9am.. Air temp was 32F and water temp was 39F.. Was sunny most of the day.. As the day would progress the air temp would get up to around 44F and water temps got into the low 40's...

Started out 3/4 up a section i fished the other day and then continued to work upstream.... first 1 1/2-2hrs didn't catch a single fish.. no midge hatching when i arrived and didn't really seem to take off at all.. big nymphs holding in the rocks... was throwing a #12 Hare's Ear trailed by a #20 nymph... I'm  thinking maybe its what i was throwing wasn't what they were looking for because mid day I switched to a #10 Prince and trailed it with a #14 PT and I was in trout the rest of the day... caught quite a few... couple brookies but for the most part brownies.. most were in the 7-8" range and a couple that were 10+".. big shoulders.. catching the bigger ones right in the heart of the riffles... smaller one towards the tail end of the riffles...

got in a total of about 6hrs of fishing today.. and that seems to be about it for me for awhile.. winds are supposed to get up to 40mph in the area tomorrow and then its going to warm up.. over night lows above 32F next week... the big muddy is comin.. should make the streams perfect for opener!


  1. That is a pretty sweet outing. Really nice browns and a good mix of decent sized brookies. I can see why you enjoy this stream.

  2. yeah my biggest brown to hand on this stream was i'd say pushing the 24" mark.. huge hook jaw.. at first i thought it was a big creek chub cuz i've caught some chubs in there that had almost 1/2" nubs on its head.. then finally he came up.. i almost shit myself... caught him on a PM on some private land.. and of course.. no camera >.< so its just another fish story.. hooked up with another hog once in the same hole.. never saw him and he bit my line off